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Wood craft in Morocco

Wood craft occupies an important place in Moroccan architecture and traditional furniture industry.

Wood has been used for centuries to build and decorate homes. Wood crafts dates back to the era of the Idrissides in the seventh century when they used wood in the construction of mosques, monuments and houses. The sculptors transformed the wood into true masterpieces with rich, innovative ornaments.

Wood crafts is one of the finest arts in Morocco. It requires precision and patience. Many techniques are used in this art: sculpture, engraving, drilling, cutting, chipping and inlay ...

The craftsmen in Morocco use several types of precious wood trees that the country contains, such as cedar, pine, beech and olive trees, which are found mainly in valleys and mountains.

The Moroccan wood craftsmen create many beautiful types of products, including those used in decoration: tables, friezes, boxes, shelves, quran holders... Not to mention doors and ceilings, which consist of several colorful and ornamented parts, assembled in a nice artistic way.

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